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Spring (yes, and March Madness, Spring Training, and so on…) is finally upon us and with spring comes reflection as well as new thoughts and ideas which are essential to our lives and to our profession- our board strives to bring new ideas and concepts to our group throughout the year in all that we do.   Which reminds me… we owe a huge thanks to Don Kincaid for the tremendous program he organized and presented for the Winter Seminar at Ohio University in Athens- the tour of the anatomy lab and facilities was very impressive, as was the lecture by Dr. Joseph Eastman, who will be retiring later this year.

As always, we remain open to your ideas and suggestions for future seminars, and look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming seminar at Brennan’s in Cleveland.  You’ll want to get your reservations in early for this event co-sponsored by OEA and EAC, as it is always standing room only!

Reminders for your calendars: 
Lastly, I would like to ask each of you for a big favor:  Please make an assertive effort to tell a colleague about the OEA and recommend them for membership—let’s all work together to keep our organization strong.   Hope to see each of you in Cleveland—until then, enjoy the sunshine!



Technology is great when it works. That said, some of you may notice too many or too few hours reported on your FOCUS. There was a glitch in the system that keeps track. Sign in sheets are retained so I can always look there if needed. Please retain your certificates in case you are audited by the state.

All the Best,

David G. Hicks, MBIE