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Well, Groundhog Day has come and gone now, so we know that Spring is on its way!  And remembering our New Year’s resolutions not too long ago (or whatever you choose to call them- goals, ‘to do lists’ or simply ‘bucket’ lists), the promise of warmer, sunnier days here in Ohio is the best incentive there is to get us moving, in every sense of the word!  So no matter what you strive to do in 2015, remember the importance of not only giving back and being a blessing to others, but that of staying (or becoming!) involved in YOUR Ohio Embalmers Association in the coming year.  Invite a colleague to our next meeting, ask a competitor about membership, reach out and ask yourself “how can I contribute to making our OEA a better, stronger organization right now and in the years to come?”  Then, as Nike says, “Just do it!”  Hope to see you in Cleveland!!

All the Best,


Please note that while walk-in registrations are welcome the OEA will charge $10 extra. The number of walk-ins has increased over the last few seminars making planning for catering more difficult. Get your registration forms in early.