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As I write this message, I look forward to our next seminar in Marietta, Ohio, in September—not
only is Marietta a beautiful river town, but our host, Bill Peoples, always goes out of his way to provide a warm welcome to all! And while this meeting will be my last one serving as President of the OEA, it certainly won’t be the end of my support for this worthy professional organization and for our new President, Lynn Zechman. It seems it was just yesterday I was finishing mortuary school and was given the opportunity to serve my apprenticeship—fast forward 30 years and I still appreciate all that I’ve learned along the way from so many of you in this noble profession. Each one of us is an important part of the OEA, no matter how large or small our contributions, and we all have the same goal—to work towards the betterment of our funeral profession. This rings especially true with our OEA board, and I’d like to send out a special thanks to each of the members, and a special thank you to Dave Hicks, who is the glue that holds our group together. So as you read this edition of the FOCUS, take some time to think about what this organization has done for you, and more importantly, what you can do for the OEA!

I will see you all in Marietta, and I hope you’ll take the time to talk to your colleagues about our organization and invite them to join us. Perhaps you’ll learn something new, or meet someone new, but I can promise you one thing—you’ll be glad you came!! Hope to see you there.




Apprentices and students do not pay dues. If you have either and want them to be a member send their contact information to: David Hicks or any other board member. Hicks can be reached at: 513.384.7846 or More information about the seminar can be viewed on the website.

For those members interested in the British Institute of Embalmers, the North American Division
has a new website For the first time in BIE history an American has been elected the National President. OEA congratulates Craig Caldwell, of the Dodge Co. on this achievement.


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